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Aircon Check

The Opel aircon check

No heat wave will knock you out!

As the summer season is approaching, it is our highest priority to bring everyone safely to their destinations. For this reason we offer the Opel Aircon Check during which your Opel car will be inspected for possible safety risks.


To keep your vehicle ventilation system clean, sanitized against any air impurities, invisible germs and unpleasant odors, we recommend the substitution of the anti-pollen filter and the ventilation treatment package –  from only XX€ at any Opel dealership. All our products are tested and certified.


Whether driving in your city or going further away on summer vacation – see your Opel dealer now to get professional service and peace of mind.


Manual internal & external disinfection of the car included.


Profit from various benefits with the Opel aircon check:

Executed by Opel-trained professionals
Prompt solution to any problems revealed during the check
Safety report and recommendations for keeping your Opel fit
Barrier measures and strict sanitary standards are strictly respected in all our workshops, at each step.